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Insolvency & Corporate Recovery Services

Insolvency & Corporate Recovery Services

Corporate Recovery
The primary objective within any financial restructuring is to ensure the continuation of your business. Financial institutions, secured creditors, landlords, government and trade creditors all have a vested interest in the maintenance of your operations and a desire to resolve the situation. Boland & Partner’s financial reorganisation professionals will assist you in dealing with your creditors, your employees and your customers in order to develop the best overall solution. Our goal is to develop a ‘win-win’ situation for all parties involved.

Our team of financial restructuring professionals will assist in developing the future strategic positioning of your organisation and the creation of a business plan to reflect these changes. By constantly monitoring your organisation’s financial situation, we develop a reporting package tailored to meeting the individual needs of your creditors and your organisation. Accurate interpretations of these results will facilitate the restructuring and promote the continued support of all parties. Success in financial restructuring requires unanimous cooperation and the desire to create a situation where all stakeholders benefit. Let Boland & Partners help you make this a reality

Insolvency & Personal Bankruptcy
Due to the current global climate, the provision of advice in Insolvency & Personal Bankruptcy has become a much sought-after service due to the high incidence of insolvent and highly geared companies prevalent throughout the world.

At Boland & Partners, our team led by Anthony Hartigan, who has a Diploma in Insolvency & Corporate Recovery, provides a comprehensive and professional service to suit the needs of our clients. Whether it be the drafting of Independent Business Reviews to determine the future prospects of companies with trading difficulties or the initiation of liquidation proceedings to dissolve a terminally insolvent company, Boland & Partners will conduct all the necessary steps to alleviate the pressure from struggling Directors and their companies.

Personal Bankruptcy is another area of concern in which individuals become insolvent through inability to repay liabilities as they fall due. As with companies facing insolvency, we can examine the circumstances of each individual and devise a definitive plan to meet repayments or organise a restructuring of debt to a more manageable level.

We have 17 years of experience in dealing with all varieties of Company Liquidation – Creditors’ Voluntary, Members’ Voluntary or High Court – as well as individual cases and can offer this expertise to any potential client at an affordable cost.