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Taxation For Corporations

Our tax advice is designed to meet our clients’ agreed commercial objectives considering all corporate tax, VAT, international and employee issues as appropriate.

A.     Corporation Tax Compliance

A company pays corporation tax on its profits arising in each financial year.  A company’s profits are made up of its income from all sources together with its chargeable gains for the accounting period.

We advise our clients on all corporation tax issues including:

  • Completion of annual corporation tax returns and advise on tax payments
  • Advising on Close Company issues
  • Advise on Business start ups and company formation
  • Advise on holding Property through a company
  • Advise on extracting profits from a company

B.     Research & Development Credits

The R&D credit is a very valuable tax-based incentive that is designed to encourage investment in R&D by companies in Ireland.  A company investing in R&D is entitled, in computing its corporation tax, to a tax credit equivalent to 25% of the increase in R&D expenditure since 2003.  The tax credit on the first €200,000 of group expenditure is calculated without reference to the 2003 threshold amount.

There is also a mechanism whereby the company can receive a cash refund from the Revenue in relation to R&D expenditure where the company does not have sufficient corporate tax profits against which the credit is used.

We ensure that our clients claim their proper entitlements and submit compliant claims to the Revenue.  We advise on all R&D issues.

C.     Mergers & Acquisitions

We advise and have experience in all aspects of mergers and acquisitions from strategy development, conducting due diligence to closing the deal.  We advise on the following:

  • Appropriate tax structure for sales
  • Review and negotiate Legal Agreements
  • Tax issues and risks associated with the transaction
  • Employment aspects of the transaction